Jewelry Appraisals in Tucson, AZ

Insurance Appraisal

This provides an estimate for replacement value in case of damage or loss.

Due to inflation, appraisal update every 3 years is necessary

Quality confirmation Appraisal

Provides confirmation of quality for bargains or gems and jewelry one may have purchased based on a “gut feeling”, without  confirmation of what they purchased

Estate Appraisal

To facilitate equitable distribution of an estate’s gemstone and jewelry collection:

  • among heirs
  • for fair market value
  • for tax purposes when jewelry is donated to charitable organizations

Fair Market Appraisal

  • Enables the use of jewelry as collateral for loans
  • Ideal for liquidation of your gems and jewelry
  • Marriage desolution

Gemstone identification and Grading

  • Involves identification of loose or mounted gemstones and diamonds

Mobile Appraisal

Emmillio, the appraiser will come to your location upon mutual agreement

Gemological Consultancy

Emmillio The Appraiser will provide information:

About your gemstones and diamonds:

  • Natural diamonds (earth mined)
  • Synthetic (laboratory grown diamonds)
  • Different types of enhancements in diamond and/or color gemstone
  • The four Cs of diamonds cut, color, clarity and carat

He will guide you in your efforts to purchase or sell gemstone and jewelry